Definition of sabermetric in English:




See sabermetrics

‘Continuing the sports-blogging of today, Baseball America has a fascinating discussion between two old-style baseball scouts and two new-style sabermetricians.’
  • ‘That view remains popular among sabermetricians and explains their alarm when Rangers second baseman Alfonso Soriano was revealed to be 28 rather than 26 after being traded by the Yankees for Alex Rodriguez.’
  • ‘I'm guessing sabermetricians will freak over my selection of Podsednik; his slugging percentage ranked only 39th among American League outfielders.’
  • ‘Yet, to sabermetricians, on-base percentage isn't enough.’
  • ‘We, even we sabermetricians, use numbers out of context or assume that because we adjust for the league, era, park, etc. all things are equal.’