Definition of sablefish in English:


nounsablefish, sablefishes

  • A large commercially important fish with a slaty-blue to black back, occurring throughout the North Pacific.

    Anoplopoma fimbria, family Anoplopomatidae

    • ‘Chapter One starts with oysters, mussels and clams and subsequent chapters visit herring and shad, sablefish and butterfish, mahi mahi, halibut and sand dabs.’
    • ‘Some seafood should be eaten only once a month: tuna steaks, red snapper, orange roughy, Pollack, halibut, northern lobster, marlin, moonfish, saltwater bass, wild trout, bluefish, grouper, croaker and sablefish.’
    • ‘Three ounces of sablefish (sometimes called black cod, though they're not members of the cod family) offer 1.7 g of omega - 3 fats.’
    • ‘Actually, black cod is not cod at all, but sablefish (harvested right here in the North Pacific) and its sweet, rich flavour was put to good use in this smoky dish.’
    • ‘As well, individual quotas have been introduced in certain pacific fisheries (e.g., for abalone, herring, geoduck, sablefish and halibut), and in freshwater fisheries.’
    • ‘Ecotrust studied the implementation of and fallout from what was considered to be a progressive IFQ-based management system in Canada's West Coast geoduck, halibut, sablefish, groundfish trawl and shellfish fisheries.’