Definition of saccadic in English:




See saccade

‘However, there is also a genuine decrease in sensitivity to light during a saccade - called saccadic suppression.’
  • ‘In doing so, they perform saccadic movements, smooth pursuit movements, vergence movements, vestibular movements, and accommodation.’
  • ‘The current analyses showed that response time, number of fixations per trial, initial saccadic latency, fixation duration, and saccadic amplitude varied as a function of the ratio between the red and blue items.’
  • ‘Previous studies have shown that the right hemisphere is responsible for the eye movements in REM sleep, which are saccadic scans of targets in the dream scene.’
  • ‘Blinks and saccadic eye movements (associated with reading, while the participant was awake) could easily be distinguished from the horizontal slow eye movements that appeared in Stage 1 sleep.’



/səˈkadik/ /sa-/