Definition of saccharose in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsakəˌrōs/ /ˈsækəˌroʊs/


another term for sucrose
‘The same trend is observed for the mono- and the disaccharide with a more pronounced swelling excess with the disaccharide, as previously reported with other disaccharides like lactose or saccharose.’
  • ‘However, the degree of ordering is much higher for the anthracene-based carbons than the carbons prepared from saccharose, which remain disordered even at 2300°C.’
  • ‘This is a liquid product composed of a blend of organic compounds, designed to prevent the degradation of saccharose in the milling process, stabilizing sugar cane juice purity.’


Late 19th century from modern Latin saccharum ‘sugar’+ -ose.