Definition of saccular in English:



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See saccule

‘Rodents are born with the lung in the saccular stage; alveolarization occurs exclusively from Days 4-14 after birth, followed by alveolar wall thinning between Days 14-21.’
  • ‘This is the point at which the tubular esophagus joins the saccular stomach.’
  • ‘The anatomic changes from these diverse causes have been classified by Reid into three categories: cylindrical, varicose, and saccular or cystic.’
  • ‘Microaneurysms are small saccular pouches, possibly caused by local distension of capillary walls.’
  • ‘One patient had numerous saccular structures, which covered the entire right atrium wall.’



/ˈsakyələr/ /ˈsækjələr/