Definition of sacculated in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsakyəˌlātid/


Biology Anatomy

See saccule

‘During this period, the uterine glands become highly coiled and irregularly sacculated in the middle of the endometrium.’
  • ‘A second separate irregular sacculated pouch was located anterior to the first in the septum and anterior left ventricular wall.’
  • ‘Herbivores, in contrast, have complex colons marked by a long cecum or multiple ceca, a greater total colonic length, and an arrangement of the muscle layers that gives the colon a sacculated form.’
  • ‘They have a complex sacculated stomach, and the compartments serve as sites for fermentation by microorganisms.’
  • ‘In general, however, the cause of death is the giving way of a sacculated aneurysm springing from the fusiform one.’