Definition of sacculation in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsakyəˈlāSHən/


Biology Anatomy

See saccule

‘The cecal musculature, in contrast, shows no thickening but, rather, a rearrangement of the outer layer of muscle in such a way as to create a sacculation that increases the cecal surface area.’
  • ‘On the left side, the transverse colon and its sacculations can be seen.’
  • ‘In the varicose pattern, the extent of bronchial dilatation is greater, and constrictions and sacculations are present.’
  • ‘Uterine sacculation consists of a transitory pouch or sac-like structure developing from an abnormal forward or backward rotation of the uterine fundus.’
  • ‘To our knowledge, however, wide-mouthed sacculations in the esophagus similar to those in the small bowel or colon have not been described previously as a radiographic manifestation of scleroderma involving the esophagus.’