Definition of saclike in English:


Pronunciation /-līk/


See sac

‘The cnidarians (hydra, jellyfish, and sea anemones) and helminths have a sac-like digestive system with a single opening.’
  • ‘Chlorosomes, found only in green photosynthetic bacteria, are large supramolecular sac-like complexes that are attached to the cytoplasmic side of the inner cell membrane.’
  • ‘The saccular or cystic form is the most severe type and is characterized by a ballooning of the bronchi with fluid-filled, sac-like dilatations.’
  • ‘Sebaceous glands are sac-like structures that arise from an epithelial outgrowth of the hair follicle's outer root sheath, and are composed of a single cell type, the sebocyte.’
  • ‘The mouth is surrounded by five jaws and leads to an esophagus that connects to the sac-like stomach.’