Definición de sacralization en Inglés


(Britanico sacralisation)

Pronunciación /ˌsakrəliˈzāSHən/ /ˌsā-/



See sacralize

‘The long intergroup conflict over the land itself has led to the sacralization of many sites that are well remembered and frequently visited by a great many South Africans of all backgrounds.’
  • ‘But to dismiss such phenomena as simply trivial or amusing is to underestimate the importance of the sacralisation of everyday life and personal experience in the religious lives of individuals.’
  • ‘It was a development that brought the sacralization of culture as a secular substitute for revealed religion, expressed visually in the creation of temple-like museums, art galleries, theatres, opera houses, and concert halls.’
  • ‘In keeping with the general sacralization of politics during the Reformation, the council's overall role and its relationship with the city's inhabitants were defined in religious terms.’
  • ‘Some writers have identified this as the sacralization of violence; but without requiring mysticism we can see that terrorist logic clearly rests on a symbolic conception of sociopolitical power relations.’