Definition of sacramentalism in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌizəm/


See sacramental

‘Wheeler Robinson did more than anyone else in twentieth-century Britain to help Baptists rediscover the sacramental understanding of baptism, and the key to his sacramentalism is the person and work of the Holy Spirit.’
  • ‘But the energy of their protest brought its own peril, as they tended to become suspicious of any pronounced sacramental emphasis, even the genuine sacramentalism of the New Testament.’
  • ‘Therefore, Robinson's is an ethical sacramentalism, standing apart from other interpretations of the rite because it is ‘the only baptism which is strictly and primarily an ethical act on the part of the baptized.’’
  • ‘Chapters treat such topics as nature, postmodern concepts of God, religious ethics, free will, revivalism and sacramentalism, and the salvation of non-Christians.’
  • ‘So Christian sacramentalism is deeply tied up with the notion that the Divine is still there in His creation, to be revealed.’