Definition of sacramentally in English:



See sacramental

‘Christ is sacramentally present in the fruitful reality of his one sacrifice.’
  • ‘Against this is a ‘culture and scheme of values’ in which one is born and sacramentally reborn into a community of authoritatively defined tradition.’
  • ‘In a similar vein, Harold Lewis notes the importance of covenant in framing our lives sacramentally and relationally.’
  • ‘This is not to say, by the by, that those in full communion with the Catholic Church ecclesially and sacramentally are perfect.’
  • ‘Being present with people sacramentally and personally in times of crisis, loss, and change gives me the credibility to raise questions about their priorities and values.’
  • ‘Both past and future are sacramentally present in Orthodox Eucharistic worship, which draws the church now into the worship of the coming Kingdom of God.’