Definition of sacrarium in English:


nounplural noun sacraria/-ˈkre(ə)rēə/

  • 1The sanctuary of a church.

    ‘It is now on display in the sacrarium of the Catholic parish church of Neu-St Heribert.’
    • ‘And the two senior priests, after bowing with reverence, enter the Sacrarium or wherever the Lord's Body is being reserved from the previous day and place.’
    • ‘Melendez led a group of us through the exhibition and enchanted all visitors to the side chapel by opening the sacrarium to reveal a painting of the Last Supper.’
    holy place, temple, shrine, tabernacle, altar, sanctum, inner sanctum, holy of holies, sacrarium, bema, naos, adytum
    1. 1.1(in the Roman Catholic Church) a piscina.
      ‘Unless the altar cloths have been stained with the Precious Blood, it is not necessary that they be cleaned in the sacrarium.’
      • ‘Before they are washed, corporals and purifiers should always be rinsed first and the water should be disposed of as described above, in the sacrarium, etc.’
    2. 1.2(in the ancient Roman world) a shrine, in particular the room in a house containing the penates.
      holy place, temple, church, chapel, tabernacle, altar, sanctuary, sanctum



/səˈkrerēəm/ /səˈkrɛriəm/


Latin, from sacer, sacr- ‘holy’.