Definition of sacred ibis in English:

sacred ibis


  • A mainly white ibis with a bare black head and neck and black plumes over the lower back, native to Africa and the Middle East, and venerated by the ancient Egyptians.

    Threskiornis aethiopicus, family Threskiornithidae

    ‘It is a member of the ibis family, of which there are three others in South Africa: the sacred ibis (white body with black tail and neck), the bald ibis (red head, green body), and the glossy ibis (mostly glossy olive green).’
    • ‘It houses over 50 individual birds made up of 12 different species including the sacred ibis, crowned cranes, hammerkop, white-cheeked touraco and lilac breasted roller.’
    • ‘Known to the pharaohs as the crested ibis, it was regularly featured in jewelry and art, and, like the sacred ibis, had its own hieroglyph which symbolized splendor and brilliance.’
    • ‘The sacred ibis is the most common and usually has a black and white neck and beak.’
    • ‘More than 100 egrets and sacred ibis, which are protected species, died.’


sacred ibis

/ˈsākrid ˈībis/ /ˈseɪkrɪd ˈaɪbɪs/