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‘Robert Emmett was a republican hero of the early 19th century who had sacrificially martyred himself for Ireland's cause.’
  • ‘Or the wife may sacrificially decide that giving her body with joy to her husband is more important than those few minutes of slumber.’
  • ‘Baptists were also encouraged to give sacrificially of their energy, time, possessions, and money to help those in need and to further the interests of ‘Christ's kingdom’ in the world.’
  • ‘Similarly, the medieval age of courtly love would have understood the notion of Christ the lover offering himself sacrificially, as seen in the relationship between Abelard and Heloise.’
  • ‘For the past sixteen years Charlene has remained constantly at her daughter's side and has sacrificially devoted herself to being the best mother that she could be to Carla.’
  • ‘Following Christ's example, Evangelicals will seek to live sacrificially.’



/ˌsakrəˈfiSHəlē/ /ˌsækrəˈfɪʃəli/