Definition of sacring bell in English:

sacring bell


  • A bell rung in some Christian churches at certain points during the Mass or Eucharist, especially at the elevation of the consecrated elements.

    ‘Often the external bell (the sacring bell) is sounded as described by Terry Delaney during the Canon of the Mass.’
    • ‘Also in the ringing room is the small Sanctus or Sacring bell which was rung as "The Parson's Bell" by the priest or one of "The Blackcoats" for early services.’
    • ‘In the image of the mass, the priest elevates the host, an attendant rings the sacring bell, and two persons peek over the edge of the parclose.’
    • ‘The Girls Friendly Society donated a Madonna, and a sacring bell was given by Mr Clem Rutter.’


sacring bell

/ˈsākriNG bel/ /ˈseɪkrɪŋ bɛl/