Definition of saddle soap in English:

saddle soap


  • Soft soap containing neat's-foot oil, used for cleaning leather.

    ‘Every two years the leather items are cleaned with saddle soap to keep the fibers in shape and flexible.’
    • ‘Smells of horses, leather, and saddle soap invaded Nicola's nose.’
    • ‘Keep the chair out of the sun, use saddle soap to remove marks and use hide food to keep the leather supple and it will last for years.’
    • ‘Take bridles apart and re-clean and apply saddle soap.’
    • ‘Whether or not his has been caused directly by the use of Formalin disinfectant, or if it is merely a lack of saddle soap is uncertain and additional research will be needed to establish this.’
    • ‘He went over to Shiloh's paddock and propped himself up with a tin of saddle soap and a rag.’
    • ‘She sighed heavily, but got the saddle soap and an old rag.’


saddle soap

/ˈsadl ˌsōp/ /ˈsædl ˌsoʊp/