Definition of saddle tree in English:

saddle tree


  • A frame around which a saddle is built.

    ‘A wall hanging discovered in a 5th century tomb in Pazyryk, clearly shows a Sarmatian rider mounted on a ridged saddle tree with pronounced pommel and cantle but no stirrups.’
    • ‘Other lots include the weighing room scales, urns from the Royal Box and Frankie Dettori's weighing room saddle tree.’
    • ‘Everything begins with the saddle tree. It's the foundation for the saddle; the frame upon which everything else is built.’
    • ‘These arms are the "points" of the saddle tree, and their angle is important - they establish the width of the tree (that centimeter measurement you hear so much about) and must parallel the angle of the horse's body.’


saddle tree

/ˈsadl ˌtrē/ /ˈsædl ˌtri/