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  • 1Each of a pair of bags attached behind the saddle on a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle.

    ‘I ditched the first saddlebag at the White Horse in Exford, Somerset, the second at Raleghs Cross Inn in the Brendon hills.’
    • ‘Feeling rested, Rossiter packed up his belongings in his saddlebag and mounted his horse.’
    • ‘He ate a piece of bread that was placed in his saddlebag and gave the horse a carrot.’
    • ‘Picking up a sword from the wall and retrieving a pair of spurs from the saddlebag he mounted and whispered a few words into the horse's ear.’
    • ‘I found the saddlebag, and my bag, and took them both.’
    • ‘He had a saddlebag slung over his shoulder and a bright red kerchief tied around his neck.’
    • ‘They carried their homemade bread and butter sandwiches in the saddlebag, and were very glad to have a bicycle and a job to go to.’
    • ‘As people start running toward them, Georgie gets down off the horse and takes the second gun from the saddlebag.’
    • ‘Her hand moved over the pencil she was drawing with and placed it in her black saddlebag, and flung it over her head onto her shoulder.’
    • ‘Ryan, thinking quickly, snatched the crossbow along with a coil of thin cord attached to the side of the saddlebag.’
    • ‘Cate walked over to the saddle and placed several of the apples in the saddlebag.’
    • ‘He tells them that if the basin is a helmet, then the saddlebag must be a fancy harness.’
    • ‘Edgar tied a bag shut and put it in his horse's saddlebag, then mounted up.’
    • ‘She cursed as she looked through the saddlebag.’
    • ‘Claire continued to rummage through the saddlebag.’
    • ‘He unpacked his few belonging from his saddlebag.’
    • ‘With a sigh he tucked it back into his saddlebag.’
    • ‘She opened up a saddlebag and pulled out bandages.’
    • ‘He rolled up the cape and placed it in a saddlebag.’
    • ‘The saddlebag was made from a cow's stomach which, being waterproof and inflatable, could be used as a float when crossing rivers.’
    1. 1.1saddlebagsUS informal Excess fat around the hips and thighs.
      • ‘After only 7 weeks, REMI helped Amy rid off all the body fat, cellulite and saddlebags she had been struggling to lose.’
      • ‘These are the outer thighs - where the bulges are known as saddlebags - the inner thighs and the buttocks.’
      • ‘She was moderately overweight but no where near obese and the excess showed in her chubby cheeks and small saddlebags.’
      • ‘Although I am not overweight, I still have saddlebags.’
      • ‘What exercises will get rid of saddlebags?’



/ˈsad(ə)lˌbaɡ/ /ˈsæd(ə)lˌbæɡ/