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  • 1Showing or feeling sadness.

    ‘he smiled sadly’
    • ‘Near the end of the meal I looked up at my two brilliant companions and smiled sadly and shyly.’
    • ‘They started dancing, and I smiled sadly, wishing I had a relationship even half as wonderful as theirs.’
    • ‘I look up at him and he's smiling so sadly that tears cloud my eyes before I can even look down.’
    • ‘The baby in his arms gurgled slightly and he smiled sadly as he looked down at the small little face.’
    • ‘She stared at me through a bleary film of sleep and smiled sadly.’
    • ‘Terry smiles sadly like a missionary who has failed to convert that one last pygmy.’
    • ‘He smiled sadly and waved goodbye promising to see him tomorrow and then he drove away.’
    • ‘He smiled at me sadly and we followed the carriage with my dad's casket around the town.’
    • ‘His pleasant and unassuming manner endeared him to many and he will be sadly missed by all who knew him.’
    • ‘Ask a civil servant whether Tony Blair ever squares up to George Bush and a weak smile crosses the mouth and the head shakes sadly.’
    • ‘Always a cheerful smile for all he met, he will be sadly missed by his many friends and neighbors.’
    • ‘The smiled vanished from his face and he looked sadly down at the book in his hands.’
    • ‘The West, it is sadly said, has lost confidence in the Enlightenment.’
    • ‘After trying to dissuade her, he sees that her mind is made up and sadly presents her to the Sultan.’
    • ‘He sighed sadly to the fact that who he was talking to wasn't really there to listen to him.’
    • ‘All this, rather sadly, puts one terrible piece of news in the shade.’
    • ‘I felt sadly let down though by the fact that none of you sent me a card!’
    • ‘No, she thought sadly, painfully aware that he was standing mere feet away from her.’
    • ‘I lingered in the doorway sadly, not really reassured by the fact that the usual ice between us was absent.’
    • ‘Jo was held in high regard by all who knew her and her passing is sadly regretted.’
    1. 1.1sentence adverb It is a sad or regrettable fact that; unfortunately.
      ‘sadly, the forests of Sulawesi are now under threat’
      • ‘I myself have long hoped to be a minion to Cruella Deville, but sadly my youthful dreams have been to no avail.’
      • ‘I pity their unhappy lives, but sadly there isn't a terrible great deal I can do to get them out and away from it.’
      • ‘And sadly, it's not terribly different from what is actually being done in some churches.’
      • ‘I had hoped this had gone away, but, sadly, things like this never do.’
      • ‘Vietnam War, sadly, is another example of conflict won militarily but lost politically.’
      • ‘Prophetically and sadly, he had suggested he might turn out to be ‘the worst manager ever’.’
      • ‘The majority of fans hoping for a return to the afternoon grand final next year don't have much hope at all, sadly.’
      • ‘They were moving into Little Palgrave Hall, so, sadly, we had to leave.’
      • ‘Those ten plus years of French and Spanish had just been buried by years of misuse, sadly.’
      • ‘Although it kept him from becoming entirely eccentric, sadly this imaginary power was not without its drawbacks.’
      • ‘A supreme court judge offers some interesting advice but sadly does not develop it further.’
      distressingly, worryingly, upsettingly, disturbingly, sadly, pitifully, unfortunately, agonizingly, harrowingly, excruciatingly, chillingly, alarmingly, insufferably, unendurably, unbearably, torturously, cruelly, uncomfortably, embarrassingly, disconcertingly, unenviably, unpleasantly
    2. 1.2as submodifier To a regrettable extent; regrettably.
      ‘his advice is sadly disregarded nowadays’
      • ‘I am growing sadly accustomed to his disregard for the views of the people of the town.’
      • ‘They think of Hughes as a man who played for the shirt - a trait sadly lacking nowadays.’
      • ‘Instead, it's a sadly bloated and floundering example of an experiment gone awry.’
      • ‘She's got a really big smile though and if anything, we've been sadly lacking big smiles at work lately.’
      • ‘Initially we had a team of 12 who assisted with my care but sadly the situation deteriorated along with my condition.’
      • ‘If a wealthy person gives money without love, thinking that he is doing a great favour, he is sadly mistaken.’
      • ‘Northern Ireland were the last winners of this sadly defunct competition and the elaborate silver cup is in their keeping.’
      • ‘It sensationalised what is sadly a fact of life - any drug can be misused.’
      • ‘No doubt drawn from local ballet schools, this sadly reinforces the fact that boys don't do ballet class.’
      • ‘Truter's story, while harrowing, is, sadly, far from unique in South Africa.’
      • ‘They're so naive, say the chatterers, so innocent and this, sadly, leads them to do such terrible things.’
      • ‘All that was left was the encore - often a dangerous time, where conductors can go sadly astray.’



/ˈsadlē/ /ˈsædli/