Definition of sadomasochistic in English:


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  • Characterized by or deriving sexual gratification from both sadism and masochism.

    ‘sadomasochistic fantasies and practices’
    • ‘a complex sadomasochistic relationship’
    • ‘They are the dirty secrets under the squeaky-clean surface, the seductive sadomasochistic dream behind absolute power.’
    • ‘A new standard for sadomasochistic depravity is set each time the cameras roll.’
    • ‘The play's sexuality is always sadomasochistic, emphasized by his heated direction.’
    • ‘In this sense, discipline can carry a sadomasochistic connotation of role-play in the interest of pleasure.’
    • ‘Reaction to such obvious sadomasochistic goading exceeds the energy threshold of this reviewer.’
    • ‘This sadomasochistic element introduces complex shades of meaning to her character.’
    • ‘The elements of sadomasochistic sex, desires for violence, and a trajectory toward suicide will provoke discomfort among many readers.’
    • ‘The central sadomasochistic drama is played out against the background of Erika's enmeshment with her controlling mother.’
    • ‘Women are portrayed as desexualized personae and seen through a sadomasochistic veil.’
    • ‘We have seen characters like this in many mob stories, the sadomasochistic psychopath who flaunts rank against reproach.’



/ˌsādōˌmasəˈkistik/ /ˌseɪdoʊˌmæsəˈkɪstɪk/