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safari park

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  • An area of parkland where wild animals are kept in the open and may be observed by visitors driving through.

    ‘And finally tonight, an elephant at a safari park in England gave visitors something of a surprise.’
    • ‘The safari park first opened in 1966 and continues to play a major role in the world programme of the breeding and conservation of endangered species.’
    • ‘Ai Ai took up the habit when her mate died, cadging cigarettes from visitors to the Qinling safari park in China's Shaanxi province.’
    • ‘The lie of the land: just west of Windsor, on the site of the old safari park, Legoland snared more than 1.3m visitors last year, which puts it in Britain's top 10 paid attractions.’
    • ‘Before long, disgruntled safari-goers were complaining that premium parks such as Masai Mara or Amboseli were so overcrowded, they provided an experience no more wild than a visit to a safari park at home.’
    • ‘Sometimes I can work from first light until dusk and I often sleep out on the safari park so I can see the animals first thing.’
    • ‘Head warden Keith Harris and other senior keepers from the Warminster safari park flew out to the 55,000-acre Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for a 10-day visit.’
    • ‘If you are going to be sent to an area like Africa where living off the wildlife is a realistic proposal, go to a zoo or a safari park and learn to see the animals.’
    • ‘Perhaps Old Macdonald's many years on this earth had turned him into a loveable eccentric, like Lord Bath, who has a safari park within the grounds of his ‘farm’.’
    • ‘To celebrate both his birthday and 30 years dedicated work at the safari park, the grandfather-of-two got the gift of a lifetime with the arrival of his bright red and black namesake.’
    • ‘Its rich harmony of flora and fauna, an exotic safari park, Roman and Byzantine excavations and modern tourist facilities today draw tourists in the droves.’
    • ‘Maxwell is an oddball penguin who doesn't like the cold and can't swim and has adventures in a safari park.’
    • ‘He wrote back personally and said he would be delighted to display the tiger at his stately home in Wiltshire which also has a safari park in part of its 10,000-acre estate.’
    • ‘The birth of the new giraffe forms part of a breeding programme for Rothschild's giraffes at the safari park, which had seen another giraffe born only four weeks before.’
    • ‘At Longleat the children enjoyed the safari park, saw the gorillas watching television and were entertained by clowns organised by the Rotary Club.’
    • ‘Anyway, at the safari park in Dallas I got to scrape some rhino tusk (and smoked it that night but nowt happened) and feed a giraffe.’
    • ‘You're able to drive around this place, like you would in a safari park for example, have the windows down and see the animals close up.’
    • ‘African elephants at a Wiltshire safari park are to pack their trunks over fears the creatures could become too amorous.’
    • ‘The visitors will see activities of the Masai tribe of Kenya, an exhibition about ecological tourism and an African safari park.’
    • ‘Planet Sauvage is the most exciting and child-friendly, a safari park on the road from Nantes with a huge selection of big cats and bears who inhabit a Dali-esque mountain landscape.’
    national park, animal sanctuary, preserve, reservation, conservation area


safari park

/səˈfärē pärk/ /səˈfɑri pɑrk/