Definition of safe bet in English:

safe bet


  • 1A bet that is certain to succeed.

    • ‘They're the Treasury bonds of the high-roller restaurant world, the culinary equivalent of a safe bet.’
    • ‘As for stocks, he's sticking to relatively safe bets like Mexican cement maker Cemex, which operates globally, and San Miguel Corp., Philippine beverage company.’
    • ‘In North America, the majors' choke-hold on the market and radio, and their fear of anything but safe bets means they are throttling themselves into irrelevance.’
    • ‘Startups should be making safe bets trying to manage the risk of their main product and stay afloat long enough to become profitable.’
    • ‘Lowry, Healy, Higgins, Gregory, Fox and Healy-Rae are all considered safe bets for re-election.’
    • ‘All in all, for domestic economic agents and market investors, the coming months should be very challenging, and there are no safe bets.’
    • ‘Princeton, Hampton, Holy Cross, and Eastern Illinois are all safe bets to go down in the first round.’
    • ‘These companies are generally expensive to purchase but can be safe bets.’
    • ‘If I'm feeling particularly adventurous, I may even buy a few individual shares, but they will have to be very safe bets!’
    • ‘I think we can look at a couple of safe bets for the flops - that'll be Spain and Holland.’
    • ‘But it's a safe bet that Meyer et al. will dismiss these findings.’
    • ‘If you're wondering where that $1.3 trillion tax cut for the rich is going, perhaps the luxury travel business is a safe bet.’
    • ‘All three of those signings were risky, but the £6.5million spent on Yakabu looks like a very safe bet, even when you don't compare it to the previous mishaps.’
    • ‘And that's a safe bet as Phil Jackson has nine rings as a coach and a 42-4 playoff series record.’
    1. 1.1A thing in which confidence can be placed regarding a future outcome.
      ‘it is a safe bet that the current owners will not sell’
      • ‘It is a safe bet that the Kerry campaign would rather have not seen the story-line that a presidential candidate angers his hometown folks.’
      • ‘It is a safe bet that New Labour views the countryside with as much bemused disdain as it did in 1997-except now, they cannot say it.’
      • ‘Thus, it is a safe bet that, after a couple of years, they will return to the seclusion of their community.’
      • ‘It is a safe bet that most people who thought the war unjust would also oppose any legitimisation of the occupation.’
      • ‘While nobody knows how things will progress, it is a safe bet that the next four years will be far rosier than the last four.’
      • ‘However, it is a safe bet that these two teams will be heading for the Second Division in May.’
      • ‘No matter which direction the Angels go next year, it is a safe bet that the infield will be much stronger than the one they are forced to put on the field this postseason.’
      • ‘When the words science and policy are used in close proximity, it is a safe bet that the discussion is focusing on how science can or should inform policy.’
      • ‘Barring an unforeseen calamity on the Korean peninsula, it's a safe bet they'll succeed.’
      • ‘There's no guarantee you will succeed, although it's a safe bet that if you never try you won't make it either.’
      • ‘It's a safe bet you will find your perfect and ‘private’ beach for snorkeling or sunning.’
      • ‘But in general, the market-driven focus of the houses means that resources, both editorial and promotional, get diverted to the safe bets.’
      • ‘That means spending lots of development dollars on relatively safe bets, such as statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs taken by millions.’
      • ‘A handful of first-year players, such as Cardinals offensive tackle Leonard Davis, are safe bets to earn starting jobs.’
      • ‘New films by much-decorated veterans are usually safe bets.’
      • ‘Jade plants, cactus, English ivy and asparagus ferns are pretty safe bets.’
      • ‘There are surely thousands of genes whose expression levels can be sent up or down by changes in RXR, and it's a safe bet that we don't know what many of them are.’
      • ‘If you like Hong Kong action movies, it's a safe bet that you will enjoy it, but I can't imagine it becoming anyone's favorite film.’
      • ‘If the light emitted from a galaxy looks red, it's a safe bet that most of its stars are long-lived - and at least some of them are billions of years old.’