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safety belt

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  • another term for seat belt

    ‘Darren sighed and strapped on the safety belt on her before he turned to the wheel.’
    • ‘But as Johnson secured his safety belt, his back apparently came in contact with an energized, 14,000-volt line, burning him badly.’
    • ‘Randy strapped on a safety belt and headed up after him.’
    • ‘Alex secured the safety belt, then retrieved the pager and replayed the message.’
    • ‘In a crash, if a child who is too small uses a safety belt alone, injury may result.’
    • ‘No, I don't mean fasten your own safety belt, although naturally the Sunday Herald only endorses legal driving.’
    • ‘I politely declined but Ron wouldn't hear of it and ushered me onto the pleather seat, reminding me to buckle my safety belt and straightening the mirror as we backed out of his driveway.’
    • ‘Bill carried the rapidly stiffening Janet to his car and propped her in the front seat, carefully fastening her safety belt.’
    • ‘Education should be directed toward teaching parents when their child can transition to a safety belt.’
    • ‘I climbed up to the old familiar flight deck, slid into the copilot's seat and fastened my safety belt.’
    • ‘She turns to him as he gets to the driver's seat and fastens his safety belt.’
    • ‘His chest smashed into the steering wheel, the safety belt cutting into his waist.’
    • ‘There were 277 speeding offences (almost ten a day) and 184 drivers were caught driving without their safety belt (more than six a day).’
    • ‘Statistics from the National Safety Council also reveal that in 2002 eight out of ten children in the back seat of cars were not wearing a safety belt and seven in ten front seat child passengers were not wearing a safety belt.’
    • ‘Or is it the sort of person who is so worried about not leaving their family in trouble that not only do they buy life insurance they also buckle their safety belt and eat healthy?’
    • ‘I have had countless experiences with taxi drivers that do not put on their safety belt, even if I insist on them doing so.’
    • ‘This is where you lead by example and point to your own safety belt.’
    • ‘An inbuilt safety belt has been designed to keep you firmly in the buggy while in motion.’
    • ‘Everything he did seemed to be in slow motion, he couldn't get the car to start fast enough, and he gave up on the safety belt after the second try.’
    • ‘He pulled on his safety belt, and turned on the engine without a word.’


safety belt

/ˈsāftē ˌbelt/ /ˈseɪfti ˌbɛlt/