Definition of safeword in English:



(also safe word)
  • A word serving as a prearranged and unambiguous signal to end an activity, such as between a dominant and submissive sexual couple.

    ‘Also, I don't think that the possibility of rejection is ever really negotiated out of the equation (you still have safewords / signals) but one can still have a satisfying fantasy of such.’
    • ‘It is a negotiated relationship in which the submissive sets boundaries and a safeword to instantaneously stop the action is agreed on.’
    • ‘This only gives me a bit of a flutter before I realize that my love is thirty feet away and this is a safe, public space, and I do have the capacity to use my safewords.’
    • ‘Because I don't know you, I don't know your physical limits, I don't have experience in reading your body, and without a safeword, I can't be sure I'll be able to tell when you've reached your limit.’
    • ‘It looks like it really hurts, and I love God and everything, but there is a point where I must absolutely use a safeword, even with the Lord Himself.’
    • ‘I will always be responsive to your use of your safeword.’
    • ‘The parameters are set out before play begins, and subs can stop a dom who pushes too far by using safewords.’
    • ‘I've decided I can enjoy it if I convince myself that Buffy and Spike had a safeword which we never happened to hear about.’
    • ‘Simon turns her off with a safeword, and the pair are soon back on Serenity.’
    • ‘And the respect, along with guidelines about pain and safewords keep BDSM practice from becoming abuse.’



/ˈsāfwərd/ /ˈseɪfwərd/