Definition of salopettes in English:


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plural noun

  • A one-piece garment similar to overalls, with a front flap and shoulder straps or a full sleeveless top, worn for skiing, sailing, etc.

    ‘Neither of the fundraisers have even put on a pair of skis or salopettes, but they intend to glide down the slopes with ease in the 26 mile event.’
    • ‘A maintenance brigade dressed in voluminous salopettes, Arctic mittens and balaclavas is repairing the rig, a geyser of steam and water shooting up into the air as they pull sections of pipe out of the ground.’
    • ‘Almost everyone was wearing après-ski and ‘moon’ boots and, in a couple of instances, what looked remarkably like salopettes.’
    • ‘Otherwise, it's worth looking in H&M for excellent, well-priced jackets and salopettes, particularly for children.’



/ˌsaləˈpets/ /ˌsæləˈpɛts/


1970s from French salopette in the same sense + -s by analogy with such words as trousers.