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  • 1A type of Latin American dance music incorporating elements of jazz and rock.

    ‘Kidjo's style of music varies from Afro-funk, reggae, samba, salsa, gospel, jazz and rumba.’
    • ‘The concerts have featured internationally renowned bands playing music as diverse as African dance music, ska, jive, salsa and Bhangra.’
    • ‘Each solo covers one to two pages, and each presents a different Latin feel or groove such as bossa nova, salsa, Latin rock and Latin swing.’
    • ‘The Caribbean has given the world a remarkable potpourri of popular music - everything from calypso to salsa, from ska to zouk, from meringue to soca.’
    • ‘Venezuelan Americans enjoy a full range of popular music: rock, salsa and other Caribbean forms, pop, country, Latin jazz, and classical.’
    1. 1.1A dance performed to salsa music.
      ‘Havana Night combines the traditional culture of Cuba with modern dance like the salsa, rumba, cha cha cha and mambo.’
      • ‘Two fields away the band is piping up, and a leggy 16-year-old is performing a convincing salsa with her 50-year-old father.’
      • ‘She came about being a dancer, well she got that from me to I love ballroom dancing especially salsa and ceroc.’
      • ‘Dancing Mocha Jo's has already opened its doors as a dance studio during daylight hours, offering classes in tango, salsa, jazz and echango.’
      • ‘While you're learning African, ballet, jazz, tango or salsa, you'll also be getting a great workout.’
  • 2(especially in Latin American cooking) a spicy tomato sauce.

    ‘a flour tortilla with salsa and shredded cheese’
    • ‘Offering an incredible mix of chillies and salsas, the ‘Mexican Festival’ gives to its guests a chance to sample nine different variants of salsas, besides catching up with some great Mexican music.’
    • ‘Rob literally came dancing out of his kitchen with some corn chips and two salsas - one salsa fresca and the other salsa chipotle (hot with smoke dried Jalapeno chillies) and began to explain the cuisine.’
    • ‘Last time I went shopping for the ingredients for taco soup, I found a brand of salsa (I forget the name) that offered salsas in different flavors, such as roasted garlic.’
    • ‘Fire-roasted components are highlighted in these refrigerated salsas: avocado-mango, citrus-papaya-chipotle, cucumber, green and red chili-vegetable blends, guacamole, and papaya-mango.’
    • ‘Now salsas can be found worldwide, in varieties such as red chilli, guacamole, or green tomatillo, from mild, to tangy, to suicide five-alarm spicy.’



/ˈsälsə/ /ˈsɑlsə/


Spanish, literally ‘sauce’, extended in American Spanish to denote the dance.