Definition of salsero in English:


Pronunciation /salˈserō/ /sælˈsɛroʊ/


  • A salsa musician or dancer.

    • ‘We hope you understand that it just makes your fellow salseros nervous!’
    • ‘The Orchestra was formed in 2000 by Germantown native Aaron Levinson and well-known salsero Oscar Hernandez.’
    • ‘Hopefully next year they'll be in full throttle and make as much noise as other salseros do all over the world!’
    • ‘Blades first made his name as a salsero in the '70s and went on to be the most famous male voice in contemporary Latin music.’
    • ‘So bat your eyes back all you want - as long as you don't miss the other salsero in the shadows waiting for you to stare back.’
    • ‘At one party she was passed from one salsero to another to determine which young cub could match her style and energy.’
    • ‘There are so many conferences, congressos, classes, and clubs that a salsero can be busy 24 / 7.’
    • ‘Ask any salsero and they will tell you salsa is more than a dance.’
    • ‘If you go to La Maganette on a Wednesday night, you'll find older salseros teaching the young ones.’
    • ‘Steven's Steakhouse in Commerce has salsa seven days a week - the best salseras and salseros congregate there on Sunday from 3:00 P.M. until whenever.’
    • ‘This album by Trinidadian salseros Pa'l Destino drives the point even further home.’





/salˈserō/ /sælˈsɛroʊ/