Definition of salt glaze in English:

salt glaze

Pronunciation /sôlt ɡlāz/ /sɔlt ɡleɪz/


  • (in pottery) a hard glaze with a pitted surface, produced on stoneware by adding salt to the kiln during firing.

    ‘While the thin salt glaze conformed closely to intricate designs, the transparent lead glaze tended to pool in the interstices of the molded patterns.’
    • ‘It was made from a mixture of clay and 20 per cent ground flint, with a salt glaze, and was a typical product of the Staffordshire industry.’
    • ‘The chemical affinity between body and salt glaze resulted in a remarkably durable, naturally white colored ware.’
    • ‘When the heat was at its maximum a bucket of coarse salt was thrown into the kiln, where it vaporized, covering all exposed surfaces with a shiny and somewhat pitted or pebbled finish referred to as salt glaze.’