Definition of salt mine in English:

salt mine

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  • 1A mine yielding rock salt.

    ‘Most of the salt used by the agency is mined at the rock salt mine in the Cheshire town of Winsford.’
    • ‘There was a birthday trip into the nether world of a salt mine, where, along with the labarynthine tunnels, the miners had hewn for themselves not one, not two, but three chapels - cut into the white rock.’
    • ‘The marsh is at the site of an abandoned salt mine.’
    • ‘The salt mines were no joke, they were the highest punishment anyone could get in Mhalta; most people preferred death than working endless hours in the mines, with the cold and the wet and the air that was too thick to breathe it.’
    • ‘Salt comes usually from salt mines, but you could always buy ‘sea-salt’ and use that.’
    1. 1.1usually salt mines humorous Used in reference to a person's job or place of work.
      ‘we had a lot of fun, but tomorrow it's back to the salt mines’
      • ‘So it's back to the salt mines here in Cambridge.’
      • ‘But until then, it's back to the salt mines (law firm) for me…’
      • ‘There have been a series of summer transfer stories (or in actual fact non-stories) which have had the fans working long and hard in the salt mines that are the football forums.’
      • ‘So… are we calling it a day or are you going to make us spend all day at the salt mines?’
      • ‘My wife goes to the salt mines; I stay home and have the gals over in the afternoon for bonbons and pink squirrels.’