Definition of saltwater in English:



  • Of or found in salt water; living in the sea.

    ‘saltwater fish’
    • ‘During Lent, when meat was not eaten, they sold salt herrings and saltwater fish.’
    • ‘The increasing popularity of these fish for saltwater home aquariums has resulted in collectors destroying many reefs with dynamite and cyanide so as to meet the market demand for prime specimens.’
    • ‘One of big game fishing's saltwater icons, the white marlin, may be hooked by the federal endangered species list this month.’
    • ‘More and more couples are being attracted to saltwater fly and lure fishing even if it's for just two weeks holiday in the sun each year.’
    • ‘Manatees live in shallow waters - slow-moving rivers, estuaries, saltwater bays, canals and coastal areas, especially where seagrass beds flourish.’
    marine, ocean, oceanic