Definition of saltwort in English:



  • A plant of the goosefoot family, which typically grows in salt marshes. It is rich in alkali and its ashes were formerly used in soap-making.

    Genus Salsola, family Chenopodiaceae

    ‘Saltwort is native to Europe, Asia and North America. Saltwort is an annual that can grow to 2' tall. The leaves are scaly and turn a brilliant red in the fall. Saltwart grows in salty marshes.’
    ‘SALTWORT, a perennial bush that grows on salt marshes around the world, has unexpectedly turned out to be a nutritious food source. The plant could become a new crop for farmers whose land is too choked with salt to support ordinary crops.’



/ˈsɔːltwəːt/ /ˈsɒltwəːt/