Definition of salwar in English:


(also shalwar)

Pronunciation /ˌsəlˈwär/ /ˌsəlˈwɑr/


  • A pair of light, loose, pleated trousers tapering to a tight fit around the ankles, worn by women from South Asia, typically with a kameez.

    • ‘Nowadays, fashion conscious Asian men are adopting long flowing robes, jackets and dhotis or baggy kameezs and salwars, with a shawl thrown over the shoulder.’
    • ‘The standard clothing of men all over Pakistan is the salwar, loose baggy trousers, and kurta, a long shirtlike tunic.’
    • ‘For convenience and ease of use, most modern women opt for churidars and salwars, with matching dupattas to give them the stylish look.’
    • ‘Younger Muslim girls may favor the combination of salwar (loose trousers) and kamiz (tunic).’
    • ‘Women wear the salwar (baggy pants drawn in at the ankles) and kamiz, along with the dupatta (scarf).’


From Persian and Urdu šalwār.



/ˌsəlˈwär/ /ˌsəlˈwɑr/