Main definitions of samara in English

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Pronunciation /ˈsamərə/ /ˈsæmərə/ /səˈmerə/ /səˈmɛrə/


  • A winged nut or achene containing one seed, as in ash and maple.

    ‘As in natural dispersal, we used samaras of the trees, and cleaned, dry shrub seeds.’
    • ‘The fruits of the two trees are single-seeded, wind-dispersed samaras, which we refer to as seeds.’
    • ‘Trials with marked seeds showed occasionally some were eaten in traps, but as nearly all of those were left as split samaras, we carefully examined all samaras in traps and counted any split as having been filled.’
    • ‘The fruit of B. monosperma is a single-seeded samara and disperses as a diaspore.’
    • ‘Pollen is dispersed by small bees and dipterans; samaras ripen in autumn and are dispersed by wind.’


Late 16th century modern Latin, from Latin, denoting an elm seed.

Main definitions of Samara in English

: samara1Samara2


Pronunciation /səˈmärə/ /səˈmɑrə/

proper noun

  • A city and river port in southwestern central Russia, situated on the Volga River at its confluence with the Samara River; population 1,135,400 (est. 2008).

    Former name (1935–91) Kuibyshev