Definition of sammich in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsamiCH/ /ˈsæmɪtʃ/


informal US
  • A sandwich.

    ‘a pastrami sammich on rye’
    • ‘I had an excellent bacon cheeseburger with fries, and Jenn had a life-changing pulled pork sammich.’
    • ‘If I want to think ten moves ahead, and have time to eat a sammich while I'm thinking, I'll play chess.’
    • ‘I don't cook 'em very often, but home cooked, cured ham is just so much better than manufactured ham slices that you buy in the store to use on sammiches.’
    • ‘Mmm … grilled cheese sammiches!’
    • ‘On my way to get a sammich I thought about what the 'solution' for this might be - a best-of-both-worlds scenario.’
    • ‘Avocado's good on my sammich, but it kinda takes away from the flavor of the bologna.’
    • ‘On a side note, next time you go to CFA, get provolone and bacon on your chikin sammich.’
    • ‘Here at the convention there isn't that much to do right now other than eat tiny quiches an finger sammiches an hang out at panels drinkin wine but we're still havin an ok time with that.’
    • ‘What you should have is a nice sammich.’


1940s representing a pronunciation of sandwich.



/ˈsamiCH/ /ˈsæmɪtʃ/