Definition of sammie in English:



informalAustralian, New Zealand
  • A sandwich.

    • ‘Even the remaining tomato destined for this week's toasted sammies is looking a bit spotty.’
    • ‘Deep in the sticks, six miles east of the Trace in Montpelier, you'll find AJ's Bar & Grill, an old juke joint that serves up cold suds, hot music, and the best barbecued-pork sammies on the Trace.’
    • ‘As for the hot sammies, I liked the ‘New York-style’ tuna melt, which isn't open-faced (as I had hoped), but rather a ‘closed’ round sandwich, well grilled.’
    • ‘It was pretty nice to have a full kitchen to whip up some sammies, and a living room and fireplace to warm up and dry out by.’


1970s representing a pronunciation of the first syllable of sandwich, modified by following w, + -ie.