Definition of sampling error in English:

sampling error


mass nounStatistics
  • Error in a statistical analysis arising from the unrepresentativeness of the sample taken.

    ‘a percentage of the total variation is attributable to sampling error’
    • ‘This is because the statistical sampling error of the phase is inversely related to the squared coherence.’
    • ‘A search for moderators was pursued only if less than 60% of the variation of observed coefficients could be explained by a combination of sampling error and measurement error.’
    • ‘In addition to these caveats, sampling error due to analysis of an inadequate sample volume can also lead to a false-negative test result.’
    • ‘As we assumed excess variability to be due to both sampling error and random differences across studies, we fitted the data to a random effects model, which provides more conservative estimates than a fixed effects model.’
    • ‘As with other statistical techniques, sampling errors can affect the parameters of the data spectrum, which are just estimates of true but unknown population data.’


sampling error