Definition of samskara in English:



  • A purificatory ceremony or rite marking a major event in one's life.

    • ‘He said, ‘I have made documentaries on Hindu temples in Thailand and on Hindu wedding ceremonies, samskaras and festivals.’’
    • ‘Hindus consider children a gift from God, and the conception, development and birth of a child are sacred events, honored by a ceremony, or samskara, marking these rites of passage.’
    • ‘Drawing on ancient scriptures, content includes learning the proper performance of yagnas, samskaras, puja, Vedic astrology and more.’
    • ‘There are many types of samskaras, from the rite prior to conception to the funeral ceremony.’
    • ‘In particular, the samskaras of Vaishnava culture are the best part of the Aryan religion.’


From Sanskrit saṃskāra ‘an act of making perfect, preparation’.