Definition of samurai in English:


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nounplural noun samurai, plural noun samurais

  • A member of a powerful military caste in feudal Japan, especially a member of the class of military retainers of the daimyos.

    as modifier ‘samurai warriors’
    • ‘a samurai sword’
    • ‘When he was a little kid, Bill went to Japan and started studying with the greatest samurai warrior alive today.’
    • ‘The world of the samurai in ancient Japan has long been intriguing.’
    • ‘The samurai no longer believed that being a good warrior was all that was necessary.’
    • ‘There were also some Social-climbing merchants who had money and paid to become adopted by a samurai family.’
    • ‘I worried that the wait staff might pull out their samurai swords at any moment.’



/ˈsaməˌrī/ /ˈsæməˌraɪ/