Definition of sanctification in English:



See sanctify

  • ‘It is a day of sanctification and holiness, and pre-empts all other holy days, and it is a memorial of the creation of the world and of the exodus from Egypt, as well as a memorial to the pact between God and the Hebrews, the covenant.’
  • ‘It is well known that the great Pope Gregory deliberately charged his missionaries to graft the new on to the old by purifying pagan rites and the sanctification of existing customs.’
  • ‘Arrogating universality to itself, the authoritarian state which arose over these exclusive particulars thwarted the self-activity of its people, and concealed the source of its authority behind a veil of religious sanctification.’
  • ‘In the process she achieves a kind of sanctification and transcendence through martyrdom.’
  • ‘The pilgrimage of sanctification after the moment of justification is an avenue by which bonds frayed by rejection of one tradition in favor of another can be healed.’