Definition of sand shark in English:

sand shark


  • 1A voracious brown-spotted shark of tropical Atlantic waters.

    Odontaspis taurus, family Odontaspididae

    ‘We hooked much bigger fish than we landed and I think sharks are a possibility here, probably hammerheads and sand sharks.’
    • ‘A fourteen-year-old girl who had a chunk taken from her foot and leg while swimming in the Atlantic apparently was attacked by a sand shark, authorities said.’
    1. 1.1Any of a number of mainly harmless rays, dogfish, and sharks found in shallow coastal waters.
      ‘It's amazing what comes up in those traps besides lobster - sculpin, dogfish (northern sand sharks), hermit crabs, seaweed, and scallop weed (also known as lemon weed).’
      • ‘Sandy bottom has sand sharks, bat rays, sting rays, corbina, angel sharks, sole, turbot, tube anemones, and clams.’


sand shark

/sand SHärk/ /sænd ʃɑrk/