Definition of sandbag in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsan(d)ˌbaɡ/ /ˈsæn(d)ˌbæɡ/


  • A bag filled with sand, typically used for defensive purposes or for protection from flooding.

    • ‘Finally, sand mixed with archeological fragments has been used to fill sandbags intended for protecting military positions.’
    • ‘They hired local men as translators or to fill sandbags at the camp.’
    • ‘Along the perimeter, sandbags are being filled and wire is laid.’
    • ‘During the day, Team Cobra dug foxholes, strung wire, and filled sandbags, because site defense is never complete.’
    • ‘‘All personnel, being base combatant personnel, are trained in how to fill sandbags, how to place them down on the ground into the pits allocated,’ he said.’
    • ‘They also trace their history back to the Australian Flying Corp in Palestine, WW1, dropping ammo in sandbags.’
    • ‘Punters put aside their pints on Monday November 21 to fill and carry sandbags in a valiant effort to keep the outside knee-deep floodwater from entering the Bryansford Road pub.’
    • ‘The twenty yard stretch was cleared by nightfall, although the sides would be unstable until enough sandbags could be filled and lodged into place to retain the loose mud.’
    • ‘Volunteers gathered around landmarks and scrambled to fill hundreds of sandbags in a desperate bid to save the city's treasures from the rising waters.’
    • ‘They returned to downtown Grand Forks to fill sandbags in hopes of thwarting rising flood waters.’
    • ‘The weight of a combat-loaded infantry squad with over 50 sandbags will deteriorate a M998 quickly.’
    • ‘At night sentries were doubled, and most men found themselves on carrying parties, going back along communication trenches to bring up barbed wire, sandbags, ammunition, or trench-mortar bombs.’
    • ‘Heavyweights held 20-pound sandbags and lightweights held 15-pound bags.’
    • ‘The platoon tracks could occasionally kick out four sandbags tied together as casualties that the first sergeant could take back to the battalion aid station.’
    • ‘Not all vehicles were up-armored before leaving FOB Pacesetter, but the vehicles without armor used sandbags for protection as the brigade moved north.’
    • ‘I stood on a street corner one day and I watched 10th Mountain Division troops in trucks with sandbags and plywood, which is pretty much state of the art now as far as defeating a mine strike.’
    • ‘Adding a sense of combat reality to the classroom are sandbags, camouflage netting, and the sounds of exploding ordnance and close air support.’
    • ‘Soldiers have been using sandbags and Kevlar blankets on the floors of their unprotected HMMWVs to help improve levels of protection.’
    • ‘One unit brought along stationary bikes that are sitting next to foxholes and sandbags.’
    • ‘All vehicles must be reinforced with sandbags to help absorb the effects of IEDs and other attacks.’

transitive verbsandbags, sandbagging, sandbagged

[with object]
  • 1Barricade using sandbags.

    ‘we had to sandbag the doors’
    ‘they've already started sandbagging the coast road’
    • ‘The containers in which the soldiers live and operate could be sandbagged on the exterior to protect the occupants from small arms fire and fragmentation.’
    • ‘The device was sandbagged, the area cleared and then the tranquillity shattered briefly as a sympathetic charge disposed of the shell.’
    • ‘For each section, terram was laid, sandbags placed to hold it in position, and then the lines of historic palisades and piles were sandbagged.’
    • ‘Trenches are being dug, power stations sandbagged and people have started to carry gas masks around with them.’
    • ‘Cultural heritage sites, from medieval castles to irreplaceable works of art, were under threat in the 800-year-old Czech capital Prague and the German city of Dresden, while tourist areas were sealed off and sandbagged.’
    • ‘The councillor said the problem along Highway 52 has been going on for the past four or five years, noting this year alone several houses in the areas have had to be sandbagged.’
    • ‘Volunteers have reinforced dikes along the Elbe River and sandbagged their homes and businesses trying to avoid a deluge.’
    • ‘Fearing floods, thousands of residents sandbagged their homes.’
    • ‘A tough decision must be made with respect to sandbagging the trucks.’
    • ‘In case anyone starts to think they are camping in the park instead of hunkering down in a war zone, the camp's perimeter is ringed by razor wire and sandbagged foxholes manned by armed guards.’
    • ‘Beside us, a Forward Air Controller uses a powerful periscope to pinpoint enemy targets over the sandbagged rim of the observation post.’
    • ‘Marines take cover behind a sandbagged fighting position to lay down a hail of paintball rounds on the opposition.’
    • ‘These options have been to either send in shirtsleeve forces who must displace and fight from sandbagged 5-ton cargo trucks or send in forces equipped with 68-ton Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles.’
    • ‘We came upon two sandbagged positions, both deserted.’
    • ‘A shallow trench took us to a forward observation post, a sandbagged nest with binoculars and links to the unmanned aerial vehicles circling overhead.’
    • ‘Sharpshooters were stationed on rooftops, troops levelled guns from sandbagged windows and armoured vehicles rumbled through the streets of Jamaica's capital, Kingston, under the protection of a hovering helicopter gunship.’
    • ‘At the Information Ministry, also on the river's west bank, civilians armed with rocket-propelled grenade rifles stood by and a half-dozen soldiers manned sandbagged positions.’
    • ‘Outside the heavily guarded and sandbagged main gate is a gaggle of small boys, hustling DVDs of The Passion of the Christ and the Baywatch satire, Son of the Beach, to GIs.’
    • ‘In the first days of INTERFET a number of sandbagged positions were built on the forward deck of the unarmed ship from which machine gunners watched grimly as the ship travelled close to ‘unknown’ territory when entering Dili Harbour.’
    • ‘Marines fought house-to-house against dozens of well-armed insurgents firing at them from balconies, rooftops and sandbagged bunkers in the border town of Obeidi and surrounding villages.’
  • 2Hit or knock over with or as if with a blow from a sandbag.

    ‘he is a complex character who too often finds himself sandbagged by his own self-destructive tendencies’
    • ‘For Daniel's son, history will sandbag him out of a pleasantly drifting existence as he grapples with questions of race and confronts his own colonisation.’
    • ‘Microsoft can, and you can bet, probably will use this procedure to sandbag future litigation: it adds several months to any future case as the respective lawyers set their meters running.’
    • ‘Adverse customer reaction will quite possibly sandbag this one, but remember to ask yourself if you really need that new SIM right now.’
    • ‘And, unlike in many thrillers, the movie doesn't sandbag us with one last, cheap twist at the end.’
    • ‘The dot-com collapse was dramatic enough, but even the skeptical few who saw that one coming were sandbagged by the sharpness of the overall market decline.’
    1. 2.1North American Coerce or bully.
      ‘he was trying to sandbag me into attempting one of his leg-snapping climbs’
      • ‘He had already announced that he was planning to leave the program to work on a book, but he knew he had been sandbagged, and he didn't like it.’
      • ‘But they sandbagged her, so the last thing she was going to do was take insults from the man who almost ruined her career.’
      • ‘This in itself is A-OK, but such countries run the risk of being sandbagged by protectionist tariffs initiated by neighbouring nations.’
      • ‘I felt sandbagged by the organizers, so after five to ten minutes I left,’ recounted Kay.’
      • ‘Do you feel in any way, Governor, sandbagged by some other Democrats in the party?’
      • ‘I think that he was sandbagged a bit by the way they were reported originally.’
      • ‘He accused them of sandbagging him by not fully explaining what they intended to do.’
  • 3no object Deliberately underperform in a race or competition to gain an unfair advantage.

    ‘Either they sandbagged during qualifying and practice or they gave very high downforce to the cars to make them slower during those sessions.’



/ˈsan(d)ˌbaɡ/ /ˈsæn(d)ˌbæɡ/