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  • A power tool used for smoothing a surface with sandpaper or other abrasive material.

    ‘Never try to remove stubborn stains on vinyl siding with a wire brush, sandpaper or a power sander.’
    • ‘If you have the right attachments, a power drill can act as an electric screwdriver, a sander, a drill of various sizes and many other tools.’
    • ‘His cabinets contained a coffee strainer, a sander, a power drill, some paper plates and a couple of forks.’
    • ‘If you use an electric sander, keep the tool moving on the surface to prevent friction from melting the finish and gumming up the paper.’
    • ‘The safest method for vibrating a small piece like a countertop is to hold a palm sander, without sandpaper, tightly against the side of the form for a few moments, working around the perimeter.’
    • ‘For bigger sanding jobs, you'll want to use a power sander.’
    • ‘As you begin sanding, remember never to turn the sander on while the sandpaper and drum are touching the floor.’
    • ‘Use a power sander to blend any raised paint edges into the surrounding areas.’
    • ‘Sometimes you may be able to grind off the hardened plastic residue with a power sander.’
    • ‘They include a router, jet washer, new sander, three power drills, a portable tool transformer, a power saw, strimmer, generator, toolbox and a case full of kitchen or butchers knives.’
    • ‘However, they end up trapping themselves in the garage, without means of escape except for a couple of electric sanders.’
    • ‘Electric edgers, which are small disk sanders, are available for sanding these edges of the floor or they may be done by hand.’
    • ‘You want to rent two sanders, one for the main floor and one for the edges.’
    • ‘Then repeat the process with both the drum and edge sanders with medium-grit paper.’
    • ‘Hung on the surrounding walls were several drawings of female nudes as well as photos with images that were difficult to discern; electric sanders, tucked in the corners, emitted a whizzing and whirring sound that filled the room.’
    • ‘As soon as the moving vans roll down the street, here come the transforming architects, the floor sanders, carpenters, decorators as another family prepares to put the stamp of affluence on an old address.’
    • ‘If you have a well-equipped workshop with a table saw, a router, and power sanders, you can mill moldings to imitate or duplicate ones that you've seen in a book or magazine.’
    • ‘Do not use power sanders or even vigorous hand brushing.’
    • ‘They found a large amount of equipment, including paint strippers, decorating tools, sanders and a large angle grinder, which was stolen from a building site in Surrey, England, the month previously.’
    • ‘Wood shavings can be hazardous, so empty the sanders into plastic bags and tie them shut immediately.’



/ˈsandər/ /ˈsændər/