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the sandman
  • A fictional man supposed to make children sleep by sprinkling sand in their eyes.

    ‘When your Mother Agavë heard my horned cattle bellowing, she stood bolt upright among the Bacchae and called to them to stir themselves from sleep, and they shook the dust of the sandman from their weary eyes and leapt to their feet.’
    • ‘Her mind wandered from one area to another, until the sandman finally came and she drifted off into a deep sleep.’
    • ‘She had swiftly found sleep after talking to her mother, but Jo knew the tappings to be those from the birds outside, which meant it had to be dawn, which meant that it had been hours since she had been visited by the sandman.’
    • ‘Instead of tossing and turning, close the door to your sanctuary, light a candle, and draw a tranquilizing bath that's sure to summon the sandman.’
    • ‘The impressive array of fans that keep the server both cool and sounding like an army of approaching hover mowers do not in themselves keep me from my appointments with the sandman.’
    • ‘As they were all about to lie their heads down and succumb to the sandman, they heard a low growling in the shrubs nearby that got increasingly louder by the minute.’
    • ‘Once the girl was gone, Campbell headed for the motel where they had rented a room for the weekend for his date with the sandman.’
    • ‘The release of small amounts by the pineal gland in the evening starts most people towards their date with the sandman.’
    • ‘Then, he also gave in to the sandman and drifted off to his own la-la land.’
    • ‘Does the sandman bring you buckets of sweet dreams or are you still tossing and turning when he visits at 3am?’
    • ‘The sandman, traditionally the character that sprinkles dust into children's eyes to send them to sleep, is, here, a menacing creature that brings horror to children, inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann's novella ‘The Sandman’.’
    • ‘‘The sandman calleth,’ he yawned and climbed into bed without changing into his sleepwear.’
    • ‘He pulls off his musical sandman act by primarily utilizing that most sleepy of instruments, the acoustic guitar.’



/ˈsan(d)ˌman/ /ˈsæn(d)ˌmæn/