Definition of sandpaper in English:



mass noun
  • 1Paper with sand or another abrasive stuck to it, used for smoothing or polishing woodwork or other surfaces.

    • ‘Use steel wool or a fine grade of sandpaper to smooth out the affected area and an inch or two of the surrounding floor.’
    • ‘Using 220-grit sandpaper, lightly sand all the surfaces of the door and frames.’
    • ‘If the surface is slick, such as ceramic tile, sand it with coarse sandpaper.’
    • ‘Use 80-grit sandpaper on a rubber sanding block to remove wood from the bottom edge of the drawer sides.’
    • ‘When your patch is completely dry, sand with fine sandpaper and paint.’
    • ‘When the stone is dry, use a piece of 120-grit sandpaper to sand across the raided area of the stone.’
    • ‘Scrape off the blisters, smooth the edges with sandpaper and spot paint the area.’
    • ‘If any nails are sticking up, they can tear the sandpaper while sanding.’
    • ‘Use very fine sandpaper or steel wool to smooth any fuzzy, raised grain.’
    • ‘You can use a chemical deglossing agent or lightly sand with steel wool or fine-grit sandpaper.’
    • ‘Wrap a padding material around a stick or dowel, then wrap sandpaper over it to use on inward curves.’
    • ‘Last step was sanding with 400 grit sandpaper to get a smooth but imperfect surface for the primer to bind to.’
    • ‘You would not expect a smooth surface from coarse grit sandpaper.’
    • ‘The bookcase and shelves were sealed with a primer, then sanded smooth with medium-grade sandpaper.’
    • ‘Before applying the clear topcoat, buff the surface with a superfine abrasive pad or 20-grit sandpaper - do not use steel wool, which can leave behind fine particles that will rust.’
    • ‘Minor stains and scratches may be removed using 1200 grit wet sandpaper with a small sanding block followed by a good polish.’
    • ‘They are composed of either particles or physical abraders such as sandpaper, steel wool, scrubbing pads, etc.’
    • ‘Remove all old glue from both parts to be re-glued with sandpaper or steel wool.’
    • ‘Sand all surfaces and edges with medium-and fine-grain sandpaper before staining and/or sealing the swing.’
    • ‘Sand the first coat smooth with an orbital sander or sanding block using 80 to 100 grit sandpaper before applying the next coat of mud.’
    1. 1.1Used to refer to something that feels rough or has a very rough surface.
      ‘her mouth felt like sandpaper’
      • ‘Many of the trees and shrubs have extra large, extra thick leaves, some as rough as sandpaper.’
      • ‘Although my throat felt like rough, dry sandpaper.’
      • ‘He's got a voice as rough as sandpaper and a grin as wide as the Hollywood sign.’
      • ‘But yet here comes Mr Cash with that familiar wobbly, rough as torn sandpaper voice and yes, the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, and you're on the verge of tears, such is the emotional power he can still generate.’
      • ‘I swallowed repeatedly, fighting the sandpaper dryness in my mouth.’


[with object]
  • Smooth with sandpaper.

    • ‘I knew I wasn't going to fix it up by sandpapering it or refining it anymore.’
    • ‘The entire plane was sandpapered and waxed in an effort to get a maximum of speed.’
    • ‘The pine is a tender wood able to be cut and sandpapered very easily.’
    • ‘File and sandpaper that gap smooth and square on both ends, paying particular care not to round off or taper the ends.’
    • ‘He will sandpaper the layers of paint, revealing the tree underneath.’
    • ‘Wiping up sawdust, on the shop workbench, from drilling or sandpapering is easy.’
    smooth, buff, rub, rub down, polish, burnish, furbish