Definition of sandpiper in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsan(d)ˌpīpər/ /ˈsæn(d)ˌpaɪpər/

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  • A wading bird with a long bill and typically long legs, nesting on the ground near water and frequenting coastal areas on migration.

    Family Scolopacidae (the sandpiper family): several genera, especially Calidris, Tringa, and Actitis, and numerous species, including the western sandpiper (C. mauri), which breeds on the seashores of Alaska and winters from the southern US to Peru, and the spotted sandpiper (A. macularia), which prefers lakes and streams and is the most widespread North American sandpiper. The sandpiper family also includes the godwits, curlews, redshanks, turnstones, phalaropes, woodcock, snipe, and ruff

    ‘Spotted redshank share their forest-marsh nesting grounds with wood sandpipers, greenshank, whimbrel, jack snipe and broad-billed sandpipers.’
    • ‘Under the shade of a banyan, we train our binoculars on the far side of the lake and Little grebes, Grey herons, godwits, coots and sandpipers resolve themselves into view.’
    • ‘When we arrived, it was past the peak of the fall shorebird migration, but there were still hundreds of sandpipers and plovers resting and feeding on Monomoy.’
    • ‘Here breeding grounds are shared with broad-billed sandpipers and sometimes red-necked phalaropes.’
    • ‘You can see red knots, dunlins, and sandpipers as they rest and forage for food on the beaches, using the untouched island habitat as a safe haven during their journey south.’
    • ‘More than half a dozen species of birds have come to roost, which include black-winged stilts, cattle and little egrets, little stints, common sandpipers, pond herons and little winged plovers.’
    • ‘Herons, Egyptian geese, stilts and sandpipers are already frequent visitors to the site.’
    • ‘This was also true with the common snipe, lesser yellowlegs, willet, and western sandpiper.’
    • ‘It has a round head with large, black eyes, and a relatively short bill for a sandpiper.’
    • ‘The sky is busy with gulls and the exposed sands and stones are playgrounds to coastal waders, including oyster catchers, cormorants and sandpipers.’
    • ‘A cormorant flew low over the water, long neck held in a serpentine curve; sandpipers and turnstones tottered among the rocks.’
    • ‘This stretch of the river is usually good for sandpipers and orioles, yet all we could come up with was a lone Least Sandpiper.’
    • ‘Currently there are 23 ongoing ACF projects involving experimentation with mice, rats, hamsters, rabbits, ducks, sandpipers, and zebra finches.’
    • ‘There are birds in the garden that are rarely seen in London, such as the common sandpiper, sedge warbler and lesser whitethroat, with smew and goosander on the lake in winter.’
    • ‘These include the spoon-billed sandpiper which breeds in northeast Russia.’
    • ‘The group has also managed the wet farmland so winter visitors include snipe, redshank, water rail and common sandpiper.’
    • ‘Traditionally, the five species of peeps in North America are the Baird's, Least, Semipalmated, Western, and White-rumped sandpipers.’
    • ‘On a hot May morning, I plodded along the forest track, waving at mosquitoes and hoping that the neurotic wood sandpipers would calm down.’
    • ‘This can be difficult to see and is not diagnostic, as other sandpipers also have these webbed feet.’
    • ‘A brief summary of the meeting's minutes are as follows: we're fairly confident that we've seen willets in the past and there's no way Sara is going to drive out to Jamaica Bay just to solidify a sandpiper sighting.’