Definition of Santa Fe in English:

Santa Fe

(also Santa Fé)

Pronunciation /ˌsan(t)ə ˈfā/ /ˌsæn(t)ə ˈfeɪ/ /ˈsan(t)ə ˌfā/ /ˈsæn(t)ə ˌfeɪ/

proper noun

  • 1A city in northern Argentina, on the Salado River near its confluence with the Paraná River; population 506,300 (est. 2009).

  • 2The capital of New Mexico, in the north central part of the state; population 71,831 (est. 2008). It was founded as a mission by the Spanish in 1610. From 1821 until 1880, it served as the terminus of the Santa Fe Trail. Taken by US forces in 1846 during the Mexican War, it became the capital of New Mexico in 1912.