Definition of sapid in English:



  • 1Having a strong, pleasant taste.

    ‘sapid nut bread’
    • ‘the aromatic stew was just as sapid as it smelled’
    • ‘Saliva also contributes to taste by dissolving sapid substances in food and so making them accessible to the taste buds; a zinc-binding protein, gustin, is thought to contribute to the taste process.’
    • ‘For example, Ida allowed water-deprived rats access for 15 min/day to a sapid solution on either 0, 8, or 16 consecutive days.’
    • ‘When the interval between preexposure and conditioning was 1 day, the rats formed only a weak aversion to the sapid solution, whereas when the interval was 19 days, the rats formed a very strong aversion to the solution.’
    • ‘Stone Barns' animals oxygenate their muscles with all their ranging and grass-eating, and thereby develop more sapid meat.’
    strong, full-bodied, flavourful, full-flavoured, flavoursome, full of flavour, rich
    1. 1.1(of talk or writing) pleasant or interesting.
      • ‘We had all the preconditions for a long and sapid conversation.’
      tasty, appetizing, pleasant-tasting
      pleasant, acceptable, satisfactory, pleasing, agreeable, easy to take, to one's liking, pleasurable, nice



/ˈsapəd/ /ˈsæpəd/


Early 17th century from Latin sapidus, from sapere ‘to taste’.