Definition of saprophagous in English:



  • (of an organism) feeding on or obtaining nourishment from decaying organic matter.

    ‘free-living worms are carnivorous, herbivorous, or saprophagous’
    • ‘The family Anthomyiidae (Insecta: Diptera) is a globally distributed group of phytophagous, saprophagous, or coprophagous flies with over 1500 described species worldwide.’
    • ‘Based on the close relationship of thrips to the lophioneurid psocopteroids, it is likely that the Triassic and Jurassic thrips were saprophagous, just as the psocopterans and merothripids are today.’
    • ‘Adults and larvae of most species are facultative predators, but some are specialist predators, some are mycophagous or saprophagous or even phytophagous, occasionally damaging flowers and turf.’