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nounplural noun sarcomas, plural noun sarcomata/-mətə/

  • A malignant tumor of connective or other nonepithelial tissue.

    ‘Sebaceous cysts, fibromas, papillomas, adenomas, sarcomas, carcinomas, and melanomas also have been reported.’
    • ‘Dacarbazine is a chemotherapeutic agent that has been successfully applied to treat various types of cancer such as Hodgkin's disease, malignant melanomas, soft tissue sarcomas and advanced neuroblastomas.’
    • ‘The increases were recorded for virtually all tumour types in children, while in adolescents the major changes were seen for carcinomas, lymphomas, soft tissue sarcomas, germ-cell and CNS tumours.’
    • ‘This patient's history and presentation are rather typical for a sarcoma or metastatic carcinoma but not so much for a lymphoma.’
    • ‘Unlike carcinomas, metastatic sarcomas generally occur deeper and may not ulcerate the mucosa.’



/särˈkōmə/ /sɑrˈkoʊmə/


Early 19th century modern Latin, from Greek sarkōma, from sarkoun ‘become fleshy’, from sarx, sark- ‘flesh’.