Definition of sawgrass in English:


(also saw grass)

Pronunciation /ˈsôɡras/ /ˈsɔɡræs/


North American
  • A sedge with spiny-edged leaves.

    Cladium, family Cyperaceae: two species, in particular the North American C. jamaicensis, which is a dominant plant in the Florida Everglades

    ‘Sugar growers use huge amounts of phosphorus-based fertilizer, most of which runs off into the Everglades and promotes the growth of exotic cattails in place of the native sawgrass.’
    • ‘From its subterranean source, the Wekiva meanders slow and clear past waving sawgrasses and under a moss-draped canopy of oak and laurel and longleaf pine.’
    • ‘How many times have you missed a duck because you were wondering whether you were standing in crabgrass or sawgrass?’
    • ‘When canals dropped the water table below the surface, and the sawgrass was cleared, the peat dried, shrank and blew away, or burnt like a cigar, smoldering for months and years, filling the sky with smoke.’
    • ‘The phosphorous infusion at first caused sawgrass to grow rapidly and abnormally large; then it died and gave way to cattails, which usurp 50 acres of sawgrass a day.’